Denver got a whole lot of snow last weekend, but living in Colorado, we had a few sixty-degree days just before the blizzard, one of which we spent on a great bike ride around one of our favorite, industrial parts of the city. This was outside our window Friday. I was sent home from work! First “snow day” ever since working at the museum. Cars were so buried and on-street parking still totally sucks.

Things sort of waffle between being amazingly good and being mediocre around here lately. I have a second job, which is going okay, and I ::fingers crossed:: have weekends off now! Nat and I are driving to Durango at the end of the month to help my sister move home to Colorado Springs, and at the end of March, Dan and I are flying to San Francisco for almost a week for the national SPE conference! Good things are happening. I need to tell myself this often. Good things happen, and my boyfriend will find a job soon so he and our cat stop falling more and more in love during their full days together at home.

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