Friday, December 16, Nathaniel graduated with a BFA in film production from CU Boulder. Saturday, December 17, after four and a half years and two programs, I graduated with a BFA in photography from CU Denver. I graduated magna cum laude, 0.05 away from summa cum laude. (My tassels were actually brown, not white. I had to trade them in before the ceremony.) After my ceremony, my family and Nathaniel’s family went to Second Home, where we had the most awesome private room.

On top of finals, Nathaniel had to deal with his car being stolen and finding a replacement. his car was found, but totaled. After weeks, his insurance finally dealt with it all and gave him quite a deal for the totaled Civic. He bought a ’98 4Runner just after we finished school :) We love it.

The other day we set up my little tree, the first Christmas tree in our shared apartment. It feels unreal, but Nathaniel’s family helped him get all moved out of his Boulder apartment today. He has to be out by tomorrow. We’re going to Boulder in the afternoon for the final walk-through. It’s a little cramped, but our apartment feels like our apartment and I am gushing over every minute of it. Christmas was wonderful but I feel like I’ve been going nonstop and I am so excited to be able to breathe and take all of this in. I am so excited for the new year, our seventh together, and taking advantage of this life that finally feels like ours.