Hi. I am coming here from andyouarenext.livejournal.com. You probably are, too, so that’s all I’ll say about that.

September 2, Nathaniel and I celebrated five years together. We almost always hand-make each other gifts for every occasion. I made him paper dolls of us (and our cats) in backgrounds of places we’ve been (the idea for the dolls came pretty strictly from this lady‘s style) and he got me an engraved compass (we kind of love cheesy Brendan Frasier movies. It has a picture of us inside). We planned to travel to Twin Lakes to stay in a bed and breakfast Labor Day weekend, but he was sick and I wasn’t feeling well the morning we left, so we decided to cancel and stay in a hotel in Leadville instead. Our room was wonderful, and we mostly rested and watched TV on the tiny set all the way across the room. We also went to St. Elmo, the ghost town we had both always wanted to explore. We fed lots and lots of little chipmunks and then headed home through Buena Vista and Colorado Springs.

I’m trying to take a weekend off work every month. This month I’m going to try to go to Kremmling to photograph elk hunters, next month I’m going to Santa Fe for SPE, and in December I graduate. Unreal!

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